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When You Know Exactly What You Want And Who You Want To Be But Things Get In The Way
When You Know Exactly What You Want And Who You Want To Be But Things Get In The Way.

Are you thinking about a career leap? Exciting! Or maybe terrifying?

Women’s careers are about our passions, our talents, our experience, our education, and our commitments outside of work.

What Do You Want, Really Really Want?

A job can have a lot of “nice to haves” but what are your “must-haves”? My Life Couch often works alongside women to identify their career goals. I have seen a lot of women that are in roles that don’t serve them at all, but they’re just not used to thinking about what they truly want! ( That’s OK, once we get going, it’s always a fun and surprising journey of learning what really matters!)

Some of the more obvious considerations include salary, position, hours and benefits. What about lifestyle? A career where you can meet your own needs? A position that is meaningful to you personally?

Stay or Go?

If you see indications that you’ve reached the limit of what you can accomplish in your current position, you might need a different challenge. If you have decided it’s time for a change, it may not require changing companies. Explore what may be available within the organization. Of course, this applies if you are happy with the organization in general, but just not with your current role.

Talk to HR, your manager, other people in the organization, or the role/department that interest you. Expand your network, but more importantly create an “elevator pitch “ like for you, so you can guide people that can help in the right direction for you.

Meeting the Market 

Whether you are looking for a position in a corporation or starting your own business, it’s important to look at the unique value you offer, and how this value translates into the market’s needs. This is part of building your personal brand, and I highly recommend revisiting this area ( your unique selling points and transferable skills ) often so it’s always crystal clear what you are to offer to your new challenge, role or how you can reshape your current role.

Sometimes this takes a little creativity and problem-solving. I find that women are exceptionally innovative in the ways they present their talents and skills to companies and clients in a way that compels them to buy-in. In one example, a woman used poetry to weave together her professional prowess and the direction she wanted to go next. Another one wrote a song – Only recommended if you don’t have a crappy voice as I do .. ). Explore different ways you could stand out and be memorable and don’t hesitate to be uber creative.

Take Your Time 

A career leap is a little like dating. You might find a great match early on, and the transition is full of rainbows and sparkles. But it’s a lot more likely that you’ll need some time to sort through what you want, what you will give, and how you’ll navigate the transition.

Take your time. This is about finding fulfillment and enjoying your job shortly, and it’s about the implications for your retirement.

If you need a professional ( and friendly ) place to evaluate your options, contact My Life Couch today and let’s work towards your exciting future!


Bio: Gladys Simen is a life coach for moms who are trying to balance their work and family life. She is a life enthusiast who lived in 5 different countries, mastered 2 languages, and changed several professions. It took becoming a fabulous mama for her to tap into some BIG superpowers within herself. Former quiet introvert, today is passionate about helping women live big, beautiful, shooting-for-the-stars kind of lives right now. Gladys considers herself an advocate for the working mama!