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We live in a world filled with stress, and more and more women feel like their health is declining. Businesses are those that can help them maintain their health if they promote and prioritize women’s healthcare.

It is a fact that more and more women are present in the business world. However, there is still a lack of this world working to prioritize women’s health. The last two years made things harder for everyone due to the pandemic, but as that slowly passes and people are accommodating, it is time for us to prioritize women’s healthcare. 

The Influence of the Pandemic

It is known that women often take on larger parts of emotional labor, household duties, and childcare responsibilities, and still have jobs. It can be difficult for women themselves to prioritize their health. During the pandemic, it is known that mothers have been three times more likely to be responsible for childcare and housework than fathers. Additionally, even before the pandemic, senior-level women have been more likely to feel burned out, much more than men, and they feel more under pressure to always be available. More than 50% of women generally state that the pandemic has greatly affected their mental health

With all that in mind, even women who wanted to go to the doctor for any reason couldn’t do that, much like the rest of the population because the system was overloaded. Women couldn’t go for preventative screenings for cancer, heart disease, or any other chronic diseases. But, even without the pandemic, women who work often skip their preventative screenings and exams due to the pressure from work. 

Taking Action

It is important to take action and prioritize women’s health in businesses. There are several things that can be done to achieve this, and some steps can executives take to ensure healthcare for all workers, especially women. 

Focusing on Wellbeing

Women’s overall well-being is the key opportunity to support their health at work. Additionally, employers can support women through delivering health-related educational programs or by organizing screenings and examinations on an annual basis. For example, an employer could help support women by providing annual gynecological exams with paid expenses or organizing eye examinations for all of them. They could even organize a free lasik consultation for all women that have vision issues or organize any other examination that will prioritize women’s health. Additionally, the promotion of good mental health at work is also important and that can be done through education on mental health, paid fees for psychological examinations, or by promoting good mental health at work. 

Promote Re-engagement in Health

Due to a large number of women avoiding preventative care, employers could promote such engagement in healthcare again. They could urge women to engage in their own health and wellness by providing insight and education on why it is important to schedule preventative screenings and annual exams of your health. Early detection of any issues is crucial to achieving optimal health and keeping your body healthy.

Promotion of Good Mental Health

It goes without saying that women feel more stressed than men at work. This can occur for a number of reasons, and mostly due to women feeling that they have to prove themselves at their workplace, still. This puts additional stress on them causing various mental health issues. Employers and businesses should definitely focus on promoting good mental health at work, and beyond it, and ways of reducing stress at work. This can be done by allowing women to have some time for themselves to meditate, or they can even promote doing yoga at work through group exercise. Additionally, businesses often lack understating of women and how they experience their work obligation, and they could provide solid support for them from HR representatives or similar experts to help them go through the work day easier. 

Representation Boost

Business owners could also help advance women’s health by making sure they are represented throughout the company; especially at executive levels. Women in leadership positions have the power to help women understand and promote their health and well-being. Also, their perspective can foster a healthier workplace where women can feel safe, respected, and represented and enjoy their workplace where they can thrive. 

Everyone’s health matters, but recently, we have seen a decline in the quality of women’s health, especially if they have full-time jobs. Businesses often don’t do much to promote their health and well-being, but this is an essential part of even a company’s success. Women do tend to work more and make more effort at work, but when they have all the other things to do at home, they can get overwhelmed, causing themselves stress-related health issues. Businesses are those that can make a difference, provide support and prioritize women’s healthcare. 

Bio: Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.