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As the holiday season quickly approaches, people are busier than ever. Whether it’s shopping, dinners, or deadlines, everyone is trying to make the most of their time. Small business owners who are constantly pulled in multiple directions can feel overwhelmed in this busy season. 

Time management is one of the most important skills an entrepreneur can have. Finding ways to effectively manage time and be productive, is a top priority for entrepreneurs. Thankfully once you find a system that works for you, you can easily take control of your schedule. 

So if you are struggling with running late for meetings, rushing to complete your to-do list, or missing deadlines, Don’t worry! These time management skills make it easier than ever to take care of your business during the holidays!

Here are 3 holiday time management tips for small business owners!


All small business owners wear many hats, which can lead to many responsibilities. Especially with the added stress and obligations of the holiday season, it can feel impossible to complete your to-do list. 

Thankfully with this easy tip, you can better focus your efforts on your most productive tasks.

Like any entrepreneur, you know how important prioritization can be. Through some thoughtful prioritization, you can ensure your business is heading in the right direction. 

How To Prioritize As A Small Business Owner

Determine Most Important Tasks: As a business owner, you know it’s more important to pay your utilities than to post on social media. While both can make an impact on your business, one is essential to have your business operate. Take time to group and level your business priorities. 

Schedule: Once you have a working list of tasks and their priorities you can begin to schedule. You may find it easier to batch activities on particular days to ensure they are completed on time. Properly scheduling your tasks will make them easier to complete. 

Delegate: Some tasks require your input while others can be easily completed by clothes. During this busy season, it is more important to delegate than ever before.

As the holidays approach, prioritization is essential. By making a clear list of priorities for your business and your friends and family you can take back your time and enjoy your holiday season. 


Oftentimes small business owners feel like their schedules own them and not the other way around. Thankfully this can be solved through the power of scheduling. 

Deadlines, time blocking, and calendars. These are essential tools for any entrepreneurs looking to take back control of their schedule. 

Scheduling Tips For Small Business Owners

Deadlines: Deadlines are extremely helpful for small businesses. When you set deadlines, you make sure that you stick to your schedule. By setting deadlines, you’ll be able not only to meet your expectations but those of your clients as well. Setting deadlines helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.

Time Blocking: Time blocking is a time management method that divides your working days and times into very specific tasks. This ensures you have time to focus your efforts on the most important task and get more done in less time. Using your priorities list you can easily block your day to be more effective. Other similar methods are time batching, or day themes can also be used to schedule your work.  

Technology: We all need reminders, so use technology to your advantage. From calendars, alarms, or to-do lists, make your schedule digital and stay in the loop!

Schedules are a must for anyone who wants to manage their time more effectively. Having a committed time and deadline for tasks can ensure you stay more productive throughout the holiday season. 


When it comes to holidays, it’s important to be flexible. When it comes to plans, priorities, and even time management. Like all small business owners know too well things can change at a moment’s notice. So it’s important to be adaptable in an already busy season. 

Thankfully it can be easy to be flexible with your time, thanks to the previous tips. 

Tips to Be More Flexible In The Holiday Season:

  • Set Boundaries: In this busy season, it is important not to overcommit. Don’t overbook yourself or have back-to-back appointments, and plan to have downtime to recover and relax. 
  • Priorities: Once you know the top business priorities, it becomes much easier to be flexible with your time. Knowing that these key items are taken care of and already taken care of you can flex your time as needed to complete other tasks. 
  • Schedules and technology: using the scheduling tools mentioned above, you can easily adjust your schedule to meet any changes. This removes the stress of updating and changing plans and gives you more time to focus on your top priorities. 
  • Prevent Burnout: Make sure you take time to prioritize self-care in this busy season. Plan and make sure to recharge between activities. 

While change can be difficult, you can easily adapt to new plans with technology and prioritization in tow. 


It’s the busiest time of the year, and many small business owners are feeling more stressed than ever. Thankfully by using these holiday time management tips you can take control of your schedule and get back to enjoying your holiday season!

3 Holiday Time Management Skills For Small Business Owners

  • Prioritize: Update your to-do list and create levels of priorities for your business. Use these to determine what must be completed and work off other less pressing issues as time permits.
  • Scheduling: Take control of your schedule by having these methods and technology do the heavy lifting for you. Simply update your workflow to your top priorities and keep focus throughout your day.  
  • Flexibility: Adapt better to changes by setting boundaries and using your list of priorities and technology to update your schedules for you. 

Enjoy your holiday season with these holiday time management skills. Which one will you be focusing on this holiday season?

About the Author: Catherine Way is the Marketing Manager at Prime Plus Mortgages: Hard Money Loans. She has created content for the following industries: Real Estate, Mortgage, Finance, Business, Real Estate Investing, and many more.