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Mommy And Me Influencing: The Latest Generation Alpha Trend
Honor of TheHonor.Code.

Mommy and me influencing

8 years old, the age parents think their children’s knowledge of tech outstrips their own.  Studies on generation Alpha’s use of technology has revealed many interesting facts:

  • 87% of U.S. parents believe the technology their kids use now will be a benefit in their future careers.
  • Over 60% of U.S. parents have followed their children onto a social network, compared to 49% of the rest of the world.
  • 84% of US parents have downloaded Instagram and Facebook simply because their kids were on it.

Like their mothers, who control 85% of household purchases, today’s children are swayed by the recommendations of friends and influencers.  37% of US parents say their children are most likely to ask to buy them a toy because their friend has it.  22% say their children are swayed by online influencers.

Logically, mom influencers create independent brands for their children, leveraging their relationship with brands and social media marketing skills.  It comes as no surprise that mommy and me influencing has become the latest influencer trend.

Mommy And Me Influencing: The Latest Generation Alpha Trend
Destiney Green, mom influencer also known as Mom Crush Monday with daughter Honor, also known as TheHonor.Code.

Destiney Green

Destiny Green is one of the biggest mom influencers in the US.  Brand partnerships with Target and Walgreens, helped her turn her social media presence into a successful brand: Mom Crush Monday.  She has also created a personal brand social media page for her daughter, Honor.

Put into perspective, Honor is a generation Alpha micro-influencer. She has fewer followers than a traditional celebrity kid influencer but a very high engagement score.

Destiny felt it was important to create a personal brand for Honor and pursue influencer relationships on her behalf.

Honor is vocal and loves to create video content, and will soon add a YouTube channel to her social media presence.  Brands look to evolve their communication with generation Alpha consumers.

Destiney believes her Mom Crush Monday brand is investing in Honor’s future, helping her for years to come.

What better gift could you give your children than generational wealth?

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