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Birthday Gift Ideas for New Working Moms

Birthday Gift Ideas for New Working Moms 

When you are a new mom and the bashing and squashing of gifts from the baby shower and once the baby is born are over, you are left in need of some things for yourself. Here are some amazing birthday gift ideas for new working moms.

Cover your basics, but make it fashion

Once you become a new mom there are many opportunities when you find yourself uncomfortable with your body and have a hard time fitting in your old clothes while keeping it practical to take care of your new baby. Think comfortable and think wearable for your everyday needs, whenever it’s work or it’s a busy day running errands, think of dresses! Here are some excellent recommendations! Jeans are another BIG ITEM after a pregnancy that you’ll 100% need, it’s not a crime needing a couple of sizes more, you’ve literally just brought a human being into the world, don’t punish yourself and look at these pairs, change-up your style and feel confident about trying out different denim styles!

Tees over blouses!

Be always aware that whatever outfit a mom’s got planned can be ruined in the blink of an eye, so gifting out tees and shirts that are perfect for wearing all day covered in spit, vomit, and everything else these little creatures throw your way is the best way to have a new mom’s back! Have a look at these great options.

Diaper bag in disguise!

Diaper bags don’t need to ruin your outfit for the day and you definitely won’t need to sacrifice your good purses to carry your baby around with everything you need! When you are constantly in need of carrying a considerable amount of diapers, ready to go baby bottles, baby food, and also your own things, bags like the Vegan Stevie come as a life savior for mommas who are constantly on the go! Also, take a look at these similar options!

The little things are what matter.

Sometimes the most unexpected things are the best gifts to give to a new mom! If this is the second baby you are having or that your friend is having, the basics are probably already covered, yet here are some secret tools that may come in handy for the most unexpected situations.

A Christmas cheat sheet

If you are currently stressing about your holiday shopping and debating yourself between gifting away gift cards or baby clothes that’ll fit the baby small in a couple of weeks,  here are some ideas that might come useful to give to a new mom in your life

Gift from a mom-owned business!

There’s no other person that knows how to better make something for a new mom that another mom, that’s why this Christmas you can gift to that new mom in your life something cute while still being thoughtful of the practical side of the gift. Here are some great recommendations from mom-owned businesses.

Hopefully you enjoyed birthday gifts for new working moms!


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