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We Asked 10 Mom Influencers How 2020 Affected Their 2021 Goals

We Asked 10 Mommy Influencers How 2020 Affected Their 2021 Goals

At this point, phrases like “2020 is the worst year of all time” or “I’m so over 2020” seem overused. However, we keep hearing about 2020 because this year was truly an unexpected turn in everyone’s lives. It had a large impact on a lot of us, derailing or changing our goals for 2021. To delve deeper into this impact, we asked 10 mommy influencers how 2020 affected their 2021 goals. Here are the results:

mommy influencers and goal setting

  1. Lisa Canning @lisacanning 

Lisa Canning is a mom of 8, the author of The Possibility Mom: How to be a Great Mom and Pursue Your Dreams at the Same Time, and has an impressive 13.6k followers on Instagram.

When asked how 2020 affected her 2021 goals, she said,

“2020 showed me what I am made of. And that I am capable of so much more than I think I am. If 2020 can teach us anything, may it be that we are resilient in the face of any adversity.”

Mommy Influencers Lisa Canning

  1. Taylor Moran @leafandlearn

We can learn so much from what Taylor Moran, and other mommy influencers, share about their journey this past year. Taylor is the mother of a beautiful family and runs a successful freelance business with her husband. She shares her story and experiences with her large Instagram following of over 8k followers. Although it may seem like her life is effortlessly perfect from her gorgeous Instagram feed. 2020 had an immense impact on her and her family, just like the rest of us. Here’s what she had to say:

“This past year has changed all of us, in one way or another. I like to think that it’s made us realize how fragile some things are: health, security, and even basic pleasures and societal constructs. My husband and I both quit our jobs at the start of the pandemic to be at home. I was just a few weeks pregnant at the time. And there was a lot of fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus. No one knew how it might impact the pregnancy or small children. We turned inward and started putting more time into our home and our family life. I also started a marketing business. I had the opportunity to help other small businesses that struggled to keep their doors open.

We began to hone in on value and what that means to us: it’s not money, it’s people. It’s not working as many hours as you can to buy a ton of stuff. It’s working just enough to be safe and spend as much time with your children and loved ones as possible. We truly can and will never have enough time on this planet. And our children will only be small for a short while. As for us, we’re holding them a little closer now and in 2021.”

Mommy Influencers Taylor Moran

  1. Erin Salvetti @livinglately 

Erin Salvetti is a lifestyle blogger and fitness expert. Through her wide reach of over 24k Instagram followers and blog, Salvetti is able to share a variety of lifestyle experiences, tips, and workout regimes. Moreover, she is also the founder of Barre Connect, an organization that helps individuals become certified barre instructors.

Here’s what she had to say about the impact of 2020 on her 2021 goals:

“As a fitness instructor and fitness program creator. I had always taught in a club or studio. I have always held my instructor training in person. This year I held my first successful virtual training and completely switched to teaching online. I love it, and my goal is to grow a bigger online presence now and even to create my fitness app.”

Mommy Influencers Erin Salvetti

  1. Denise Albert @denisealbert   

One of the most inspirational mommy influencers, Denise Albert (left) is a successful journalist, a co-founder of @themomsnetwork, and a speaker. On top of all that, Albert is a cancer survivor. She shares her crazy experiences, exciting ventures, and advocacy campaigns with her audience, including her 5k followers on Instagram.

When asked how 2020 affected her 2021 goals, she reflected on how 2020 allowed her to work on building her complicated family’s happiness by saying, “I lived with my ex, his wife, her ex, and all of our kids for six months. For 2021, we would like to continue our extended blended family friendliness! It’s a goal we hope all divorced couples will strive for, as it’s best for the kids!”

Mommy Influencers Denis Albert

  1. Amarilis Padilla @amarealest

Continuing what we heard when we asked 10 mommy influencers how 2020 affected their 2021 goals, Amarilis Padilla is a prominent Instagram influencer. While being a devoted mama and wife, she empowers women by sharing her adventures and experiences with others.

When asked how 2020 impacted her future goals, she said being quarantined did not change her motherhood goals much as she was able to “give birth naturally and breastfeed exactly as I wanted to. So, everything is going according to plan because 2020 was not a negative effect and more of a blessing in disguise.” However, 2020 did give her a chance to reflect as “[her] eyes were opened to the fact that [she] needed a side hustle and needed to start thinking of how to get multiple sources of income and do what [she] loves and feels called to. Standing still allowed [her] to think and allowed [her] mind to be creative.”

Mommy Influencers Amarilis Padilla

  1. Diamond Nurse @diamond.nurse 

Diamond Nurse captures the true essence of being a mompreneur. Through hard work and experience, Nurse has earned roles as a digital marketer and entrepreneur while being a mother to Emerald.

The nurse responded to our question about how her goals have changed by saying, “In the past, my goals have been tangible and straightforward. I wanted to make a certain amount of money, so I did. I wanted to buy a house, so I did. And, I wanted to travel the world with my husband, and I did. Also, I could never have foreseen a world stricken by a pandemic. Nor could I have known what that would mean for my life as a mom, wife, and owner of Diamond M.I.N.E Social Media Group. While my goals have not changed, I have learned to think about these things a little differently. Covid-19 has made me more efficient and intentional about how I spend my time

. I love that I get to watch my daughter experience the world around her. It brings me so much joy, and I hope to inspire her the way that she inspires me. In 2021, I intend to give myself permission to take a break, show up as my authentic self and be present in my home life, where it counts the most.”

Mommy Influencers Diamond Nurse

  1. Cheyenne Hutchinson @beautii_bombshell 

Cheyenne Hutchinson is certainly a strong boss mom as she works as a brand ambassador, is an athlete, all while continually sharing content with her social media following. Mommy influencers can put words into what we are thinking and experiencing this year. When asked how 2020 affected her 2021 goals, here’s what she had to say:

“My goals and vision became bigger for 2021. I received my biggest blessing in 2020 when my beautiful baby girl Ivori Reign Henry was born. 2020 made me realize I now have to go that much harder in attacking my goals, not just for me but also for my daughter’s future. So, 2020 has multiplied my goals for 2021. In 2020 I was able to be a stay-at-home mom and work on my entrepreneur side and create a business brand that I wish to launch in 2021.

It allows me to express my creative self while being a positive influencer for other moms showing them any and everything is possible as long as you plan and manifest your goals, truly believe in them, envision yourself doing it, and do it! Overall, the biggest effects 2020 has had on my 2021 goals is being able to be a super mom now and multitask and being able to attack all my goals.”

Mommy Influencers Cheyenne Hutchinson

  1. Christina Chandra @christinakchandra  

Christina uses her vast reach of over 5k followers to share her passion for cooking. She writes about delicious recipes without sacrificing nutrition. Beyond her recipes, she also reviews local restaurants and eateries.

When discussing how 2020 changed the 2021 goals, she reflected, “For me, I have been a WAHM for a couple of years, so I was fortunate, but I had planned to build and do a lot of food reviews of restaurants to build my food writing resume. So I shifted gears and now focus on creating some healthy recipes and pitching to write for other publications. [2020] has pushed me to be creative and seek work and be patient…and that I truly need to do what I love because life is very unpredictable, be fluid when possible.”

Mommy Influencers Christina Chandra

  1. Fran Murray 

One of my favorite mommy influencers, Fran Murray is a baker who shares simple recipes and tutorials that inspire budding bakers. You can see these delicious recipes at

When asked how 2020 impacted her 2021 goals, Murray reflected, “I am immensely grateful that my family has remained safe from COVID-19. My heart goes out to the families and individuals gravely affected. What a year! And OMG, it’s not even over. This unprecedented year disrupted a way of living I had become accustomed to. A way of living that kept me focused on the means to acquire tangible things as opposed to the people the things are being acquired for. This year removed distractions from my life so I can focus on the love and appreciation for life, family, and friends.

My 2021 goals are unapologetically bold. They focus on fueling the things that anchor me and accelerate my business forward with intent. Spending time with my immediate family is and was a priority prior to the state of emergency declaration in Ontario; however, I admit there were times I allowed ‘life’ to get in the way. This year has changed all that. That’s not all, though. As an immune-compromised Mom of 4 young children, my mortality was top of mind daily as media outlets reported on mortality stats from around the world. Life is short.

Tomorrow is promised to no one, and as such, my dreams can no longer wait. 2020 has helped me create adaptable 2021 goals centered around my loved ones, health, and business growth. There is a fire burning in my belly that propels me towards living out 2021 with intentionality and intensity. I am so looking forward to what 2021 has in store.”

Mommy Influencers Fran Murray

  1. Laurie Anderson-Stepanek @motheratlaw

Laurie Anderson-Stepanek, though the last on our list of mommy influencers, is certainly not the least out of all these moms. While being a mother, she is an award-winning immigration lawyer! Talk about a #momboss.

Here’s what Laurie had to say about how 2020 affected her future plans: “2020 was both a burden and a blessing. Obviously, my business has been negatively impacted, as have most small businesses, and mine, which focuses on immigrants, was impacted negatively leading up to the pandemic. But, despite the challenges of the pandemic on my business, the challenges I have witnessed my friends and family experience, I have still had blessings that have helped me achieve my goals.

I have had more time with my family and children, I have learned how to work more efficiently from home, I have achieved additional time management skills, and I have learned to be creative and more patient with myself and my goals. In general, 2020 was a great opportunity to learn how to switch gears and be able to reassess what is achievable and necessary. For 2021 I have a long list of things to achieve.”

We didn’t know what to expect when we asked 10 mom influencers how 2020 affected their 2021 goals. Although 2020 was a difficult year for most of us, if there’s anything we can take away from these moms, it is that 2020 has definitely made us stronger, changing us for the better. So, if you’ve been feeling down lately, try to change your outlook going into the new year. Look at whatever new changes 2020 has brought on not as a setback but as an opportunity for growth.

This post “We Asked 10 Mom Influencers How 2020 Affected Their 2021 Goals” was written by Jumana Alam.

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