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Working Parents Love Navy Federal

This article was written by Kristen N. Hubbard.  

Working Parents: The Struggle Is Real

There is no struggle quite like that of an American working parent. They have just as many, if not more responsibilities at home as they have at work. Unfortunately, even for events like having or adopting a child, or someone becoming seriously ill, parents will be hard pressed to find a job that grants the paid time off they need. Further complicating matters, childcare is expensive and babysitters aren’t always available let alone the best option. American companies which lean towards meeting the needs of their working parent employees are rare, but they do exist. 

Navy Federal: Serving With Distinction

In 2017, listed Navy Federal Credit Union at #38 out of 50 on their list of the best workplaces for parents. They received the same distinction in 2017 and 2018 placing, #38 out of a list of 50 workplaces. And again in 2020, the credit union placed at #38 out of 100 on that same list. If the trend holds, Navy Federal will likely place just as high or even higher on the list for 2021. But what exactly makes parents love working for Navy Federal so much?    

Navy Federal: The History

Understanding why Navy Federal is such a great place for parents to work requires delving into their history. Navy Federal finds its origins in the year 1933, when several Navy Department employees sought to create a safe place for their earnings and the earnings of their fellow sailors after The Great Depression. Their combined effort and personal investment set the foundation for what Navy Federal is today; the largest credit union in the United States, serving personnel and their families from every branch of the military. And judging by the reviews, that dedication to serving military personnel and their families has shaped the way Navy Federal treats the parents who work for them.  

Who Loves Navy Federal and Why?

To break it down, Navy Federal’s profile states that 93% of employees say it is a great place to work. 55% of Navy Federal’s employees are millennials and 12% are Baby Boomers. According to Pew Research conducted in 2005, 83% of boomers had children. And in America in 2016, 82% of babies were born to millennial mothers. These numbers suggest a high probability that many of the millennials and boomers who work at Navy Federal and approve of it, are parents themselves.   

But the praise for Navy Federal as a workplace, doesn’t stop at Other workplace review sites emphasize their great benefits and paid leave. On Glassdoor, Navy Federal currently sits at a 4.1 overall and on the same site, they rate a 4.6 for their benefits. The most popular benefits being positively reviewed for Navy Federal via Glassdoor are their 401K, their health insurance and those benefits coveted by parents all over America, vacation and paid time off. On Navy Federal rakes in a 4.3 for pay and benefits. On they rate 4.2 for paid maternity and adoptive leave. And on they rate another 4.3 for pay and benefits. 

 What Employees Have To Say

On a more personal note, testimonials from employees paint a picture of Navy Federal as the right place for a parent who wants time with their family.  One anonymous business operations analyst on states, “ NFCU is an awesome place to work. Leadership, colleagues, benefits, and perks are all factors of my employment that I love and make me stay.” On, an anonymous rater calls Navy Federal, “ …the most wonderful company I’ve worked for…The perks and benefits are fantastic…” And on an anonymous member services representative said the following. “The benefits are amazing and even as a part time employee, you do still have benefits which is really neat because this is the only company that I have ever seen do that.” Navy Federal sets a trend of excellence with their benefits and leave policy.  

Navy Federal: Setting The Standard

In a country where paid time off is rare at best, where leaving for any amount of time can endanger your job and where new and expecting mothers often face workplace discrimination, a company like Navy Federal becomes a safe haven. This is not to say that Navy Federal is the quintessential perfect workplace. Some reviews suggest that Navy Federal still has a ways to go in terms of the quality of management at certain branches. Other reviews imply that flexibility scheduling wise needs improvement as well. But Navy Federal’s dedication to their parent employees is apparent. There are too few companies offering benefits to full timers and part timers alike, as well as paid parental leave. Working parents looking for a company that understands their needs, should submit a job application to Navy Federal Credit Union.  

Hopefully you enjoyed this article about why working parents love Navy Federal.

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