Moms Under 30 Are Changing Their Work Status & Other Millennial Mom Career Insights

Motherly’s 2018 State of Motherhood survey offers insights into the attitudes, behaviors, identities and lifestyle of millennial women: the most highly educated, first digitally native generation of women to become mothers. The report by Motherly surveyed over 5,700 millennial mothers to help determine the trajectory of the millennial mom career path. According to the survey, 20% of millennials are parents and millennial mothers are responsible for 82% of births in America. 56% of moms under 30 have changed their career status since becoming a mom and 82% of working moms believe their career paths help them set a good example for their children. However, millennial moms do not rank their careers as most important to them; the hierarchy of importance to millennial mothers is marriage/partnership, family, friends, then career. 27% of moms plan to return to the workforce after having a child. The millennial mom career path also tends to vary depending upon race. 80% of White millennial moms think that becoming a mother while in the workforce requires a tradeoff of some kind while over 23% of Black millennial mothers believe that they can combine their careers with their roles as mothers.

To learn more about how millennial moms and how their career paths change, read the rest of the article on Forbes. 

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